Friday, November 22, 2013

Battlegods at Sequential Ink !

I'm publishing a new Battlegods story at go check it out !
Back in the day I published  a 9 issues series with DarkHorse comics. Some may remember that.
You may still find the TPB at


Ben Hansford said...

ha! I read Battlegods. your style was good then, but now it's AMAZING!

Ben Hansford said...

but wait! brother, does this mean culebra is done?!?!? Say it is NOT DONE. I was loving that story. I gotta know how it ends? I've already made up too much of that story in my head not to see more of it.

fruiz said...

They'll be more culebra after battlegods

Ben Hansford said...

is it okay if I both love you AND hate you for this?