Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Sorry guys for not posting that often this days. Lots of things and changes happening on my side.
I've been working on the Legion of blood graphic novel. I'll be posting pages and designs as I go.
Currently I'm working in a short story about  Dracula's origin. but not the Dracula we all know.
This is The Dracula that exist in the Legion of Blood mythology.
 His origins go back to medieval ages when the Templar monks and the crusades.
All Legion of blood universe doesn't match with real chronology. So you will find things like flintlock guns in medieval ages or some technology that in real world doesn't belong there.


Doug Williams said...

Dude, so cool.

I love how you can draw really intense kinetic action, that still reads so well.

that and your color palette is always tops!

I love this Legion of Blood thing you're doing, truly amazing stuff.

fruiz said...

Thanks Doug,
I'll keep posting more Legion of blood. I'm really excited with the new things I'm doing for this.

DanHale said...

Awesome! Big fan of your work and want to read more comics!