Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Two Mexican Chamucos having a drink watching Hell Wrestling on TV. This one Goes to Salvador (mudo) Vazquez, for his suggestion of chamucos (demons) Doug Williams for his Wrestling in hell and Raul Monge for his batman with mustache. And with this one I conclude this madness! Thanks for everyone that participated with their comments and suggestions. Keep checking the Blog I'll post shortly a preview of LEGION OF BLOOD prelude to the novel pages. These will be included in the 30 nights of Horror Book.


Monge said...

ok, take a break but, what do you think about "a year of horror"? We would do very happy... he, he

Doug Williams said...

Ha ha ha! So awesome Francisco! Congratulations on wrapping this up, a mighty impressive feat. You should nap now.

Rustam F. Hasanov said...

Nice! You managed to give everyone a happy ending with this one.

Ben Hansford said...


Lamolinara Vincenzo said...

Awesome. I'm so sad that October is ending. Never been so sad in my life for October's calends.

I'm also publish on my blog an art for Halloween night. Take a look

fruiz said...

Thanks for the comments, I'm thinking to do some more events on this blog.
I've been thinking on " The block buster movie" paintings of ideas of stuff we want to se on a movie.
Or maybe a motorcycle one, incredible scenes with bikes.
Or a sci if one.

There will be more,

Lamolinara Vincenzo said...

Great. I can't wait to see more.